MSHS Athletics Record Board Project Update

MSHS Athletics Record Board Project Update
Roughly three years ago, a project to enhance the visual look of the MSHS Gymnasium, now named the Barb Crill Gymnasium, began.  This project coincided with an announced project to replace the gym bleachers and other aesthetics within the facility.

The visual updates in the gym provided a much needed improvement given the large athletics and non-athletics events taking place in the gym (including graduation, academic awards, spotlight on the arts).  Nothing was intended to take away from what was previously in the gym but it was clear that improvement was needed as activities have evolved.

At the time that the boards were taken down, the boards were in poor condition and had not been kept up to date.  While some of the records/accomplishments included on the signage are valid and will be re-displayed in an appropriate fashion, there are also pieces that no longer apply to our current athletics experience and/or statistics that are regularly kept.

A plan for displaying and recognizing the accomplishments of teams/individuals is being developed through a group effort of current/former athletics coaches in conjunction with the Athletic Director.  While there is no specific timeline for completion, a high priority has been placed on obtaining the necessary information and working with vendors to attain the best result possible.

The location and type of display (banner, board, digital, etc.) may vary but will provide the means to recognize accomplishments both now and moving forward into the future.  Equity between male/female sports as well as an equal opportunity for all sports to be recognized will also be a priority.