MSHS Athletics Department is creating an inclusive environment that appropriately challenges students of all abilities to develop in positive ways, both athletically and personally, that further contribute to their academic experience.

Areas of Focus

Internal Areas of Focus
(meeting the needs of administrators, teachers, coaches, students and parents)

  • Build “success” among all athletics programs.  Comprehensive success will be measured in the following areas:
  • athletics success
  • academic success
  • student-athlete experience
  • Establish strong, trusting partnerships with all school administrators and teachers.
  • Create effective working relationships with coaches that are built on clear expectations, effective communication and mutual respect.
  • Foster a welcoming, yet challenging athletics culture for students of all abilities.
  • Provide parents with a clear communication channel to the athletics department that will answer questions and resolve any issues of concern.

External Areas of Focus
(meeting the needs of the MHSAA/member schools, fans and the local community)

  • Maintain the integrity of the school and athletics department by adhering to all MHSAA rules and regulations.
  • Be highly regarded among peer schools in terms of game environment, sportsmanship and willingness to work together.
  • Consistently produce a high quality athletics product that positively welcomes and engages fans of all ages.
  • Establish a strong fundraising structure that allows the athletics department to generate financial support through annual giving and corporate sponsorships.
  • Serve the local community through service.